Day 4 – Lost In Konkan – Ride For Bhogwe Beach And Malvan

Journey of Bhogwe Beach


Hey folks, so here we are sharing the story of how our soul and mind got lost in Beauty of this Konkan, by exploring more and more new places which includes Bhogwe Beach, Sindhudurga towards Malvan, Oros and even those off-roads where our bikes were not able to go and at the end we actually lost our way somewhere.

Sunrise at tarkarli
Sunrise at Tarkarli

Imagine sleeping by the window and getting a glance of the rising sun behind the mountain full of trees and the golden light softly caressing the blue waters, the sun trying to hide in between the palm trees and birds singing into the chorus of melodies. This wasn’t the imagination but a deep nature’s reality which we can hardly find in our hustling cities!

Sunrise at Tarkarli Konkan
Sunrise view from Joshi Holiday Home
Brahminy kite image
Brahminy Kite

We did see the Brahminy kite moving in circles, the Asian koel busy with building her nest onto the mango tree.. damn her melodious voice!

Asian Koel spotted near tarkarli konkan
Asian Koel

As usual we freshened up and had our breakfast and we had to check-out from this wonderful place “Joshi Holiday Home”. We left the place by 12 PM.

Tarkarli to bhogwe beach konkan
Journey Started for Bhogwe Beach

Our first destination was bhogawe beach which was around 30 kms away from tarkarli towards vengurla-chipi-parule.

On the way we got to see picturesque landscapes and we couldn’t stop at every place to shot them in our cameras so we captured everything in our eyes for lifetime memories! We did see a group of cranes over there chilling near river!

Cranes at tarkarli konkan
Group of Cranes

And then before crossing a bridge towards chipi-bhogwe, we found this eye soothing place where we could not resist to stop ourselves and visit the place. It was a small village named Amberi which was a step beside beautiful Karli river with red soil roads full of coconut trees.

Tarkarli to bhogwe beach journey
Amberi Konkan
Tarkarli to bhogwe beach journey
A way towards Nature

We decided to go down there, somehow we managed to find the road towards this place which was down the bridge. The road was completely off-road and too difficult for our bikes to go there. But this magnet of nature pulled us towards it and we took this risk to go there.

And with some struggle we reached there!

Tarkarli to bhogwe journey konkan
Tarkarli to bhogwe journey konkan
Towards Karli River
Tarkarli to bhogwe journey konkan karli river
Karli River

We took a halt near Karli river for 15 minutes to click pictures and collect memories in eyes. I was wishing to hug this place from the bottom of my heart.

Tarkarli to bhogwe journey konkan karli river
Karli River Konkan

While returning to the bridge towards Bhogwe from this location we lost our way. People over there are so kind that they took interest to show us the correct path. Interestingly everyone was asking from where we came and we were like from Mumbai!

Lost Our Path Near Karli River
Lost Our Path Near Karli River

After taking some rest over there, we continued our journey towards bhogwe beach. On the way we got to see Chipi Airport also known as Sindhudurg Airport is an airport at Chipi-Parule in Sindhudurga district, in the State of Maharashtra, India. It is located 27 kilometres from the Mumbai-Goa highway, 12 kilometres from Malvan close to the sea shore. Commercial flights are expected to start soon over there.

After 2 PM finally we reached Bhogwe.

Bhogwe Konkan
Bhogwe Konkan

More 1 or 2 kms from there, we then reached to the most cleanest beach of India. The one with the blue flag certification! The Bhogawe beach!
The blue waters gushing the waves and the sound of waves felt like the ocean trying to converse with the sand.

Bhogwe Beach Konkan
Bhogwe Beach Konkan
Bhogwe Beach Konkan
Bhogwe Beach Konkan

A girl was busy in building her sand castle, also we saw beach crabs which were building their crab galaxies, hiding down the sand when we tried to catch them. 

Girl playing on bhogwe beach konkan
Girl Playing on Beach
Crab at bhogwe beach konkan
Beach Crab
Crab nest bhogwe beach konkan
Crab Nest Bhogwe Beach

There we also got to see Yellow Wattled Lapwing which is a lapwing that is endemic to the Indian Subcontinent, found mainly on the dry plains of peninsular India and has a sharp call and is capable of fast flight.

Yellow Wattled Lapwing
Yellow Wattled Lapwing

With the setting sun we reached Malvan Jetty, due to lack of time we couldn’t get to reach the Sindhudurg fort, but saw it from the coast itself and got to see a wonderful sunset there too. At that time we really wished, we could have more than 24 hours in our day to visit that fort also, but next time for sure! One must visit there by Morning or before 4 pm if wants to go on Sindhudurga Fort.

Malvan Beach Sindhudurga Fort
Malvan Beach Sindhudurg
Malvan Beach Sindhudurga Fort
Malvan Beach at Sunset Time

We had some evening snacks and headed without stop to Oros where we took halt at our relative’s place.

We went to Oros and had a wonderful time with the family. We received a warm welcome. The aunt served us delicious food for the dinner and they taught us some Malvani Language which was very nice!

Again here we got new friend – Kitto ! A Persian Cat, who entertained us for the rest of the night.

Persian black cat
Kitto – Persian Cat
Persian black cat
Kitto – Persian Cat

We lived each and every moment of this day to the fullest like there’s no tomorrow.

We went back to sleep early as we had to now return to Mumbai early morning itself.

We woke up with fresh mood and with bellyful breakfast, now with heavy heart and bags of memories, cheerful smiles on face headed on to Mumbai.

We started our Day 5 journey by 7 am and reached home by 11 pm by cutting almost 450 plus kms.

It was one of the best and memorable riding trip for life with travelling all the way into nature’s arms, seeing species of endangered flora and fauna, the beaches, the lush greenery, the palm trees and yes the starry sky with meteor shower. I guarantee one cannot find this nature’s beauty in the metropolitan cities.

Well in the end I would surely say! One must visit Konkan in their lifetime! Afterall the Konkanis have the local saying “Yeva Konkan Aploch Asa!” who are always ready to welcome a guest!

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