Necessary things for camping you need to know

So you are going for a Camping? Here we are sharing our Experience and Necessary things for Camping that you must be known to enjoy the camper’s life for a day or two. Also answering some of the major concerns related to camping essentials and clearing your doubts with some suggestions. So must read it before you go, as awareness is always better for any new place to visit.

necessary things for camping


Tent camping tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner, doing camping for the first or second time, then below are some recommendations for you.

  • First understand why you are going for camping instead of normal weekend home stay? The difference is the camping gives you the actual feel to stay on place surrounded by trees, inside jungle and almost near to river, lake or beach.
  • The major advantage for camping is you can carry your tents anywhere, search perfect location and just place it there.
  • Choose your campsite wisely which will not be so far from your town, but with a high quality facilities so there will be plenty of places to eat and buy supplies if you forget something.
Tent Camping Tips for Beginners
Tent Camping Tips for Beginners
  • Once you choose your location, try to do camping with some famous camping organizers at your chosen location instead of your own as they provides all the facilities starting from tents, food and group activities.
  • Take the itinerary from organizers and try to reach on time to campsite.
  • Make new camper friends, involve in group activities to create memories, as it will give you the motivation for your next camping.


Essential Camping Gears to Carry

necessary things for camping

Camping is something that actually tests your ability to survive on the place where you are not going to get everything that you want as you have expected such as no furniture, no electricity, no stove or refrigerator, and the cupboards are bare. It is your skills how you manage with less things at unknown place because you have came here to feel the beauty of nature and for that you don’t really need all this things.

Below are some basic and essential things that you must try to carry on your campsite.

The Tents: Only if your doing group camping on your own without any organizers, one must buy a quality tent. Try to buy a 3-person tent which gives a cozy couple a little extra breathing room, and a 6-person tent always gives comfort for a family of four.

Choose your tents wisely by checking the height, vestibule outside the doors, zip qualities and single or two doors based on your requirements.

The Sleeping Bags: Sleeping bags plays a very important role in your camping tents, to enjoy cozy sound sleep after all the tiredness. It is an insulation covering which can be closed with a zipper and it is a lightweight quilt which forms a best portable bedding in your camping environment or any other outdoor activities.

Try to go for all season sleeping bags which will give your body more room to roam for unpredictable shoulder-season weather.

The Sleeping Pad: During camping, a sleeping pad, thermal or ground pad and roll mat is lightweight portable pad, that one can carry along with sleeping bags. It provides a perfect padding and insulation to prevent you from losing body heat on the cold ground. As the temperature always drops at night on camping places which may disturb your cozy sound sleep.

Try to select sleeping pads consist of foam-like material with proper thickness, which are longer and wider with high insulation value as it always offers comfort and warm bedding.

Camping Gears to Carry
Camping Gears to Carry

Lighting: As we all know campsites never provides that much lighting as your town environment. Due to being in a secluded place, you will get very less lighting all around your camping, so try to bring your own flashlight or headlamps to avoid darkness and enjoy your camping tasks and nearby walks. A lantern is always been a perfect option for ambient light and positive vibes.

Camping StoveCooking food for group is a major attraction of camping. Carrying a small camping stove with couple of fuel canisters and a lighter is enough to cook your delicious lip smacking food. Also a barbecue grill or charcoal grill is the perfect thing for food lovers which is similar to traditional grills, except that they use indirect heat to cook the meat or food. Usually, food is cooked slowly over smoke and charcoal.

One can find out some wood sticks from camping area, combine it and simply fire it up to cook your food on top of it to have a perfect smoky food taste with a proper mixture of ground spices.

Other Small Things: Which includes Sheets, Blankets and Pillows. Also disposable nature friendly Pots, Plates, Cups, Spoons and Cooler to avoid warm weather.


5 Reasons To Go for Camping

From day to day life, work and stress, we always deserve a good weekend which will be completely away from this regular routine and lifestyle. With your loved ones, family and friends. But along with fun and relaxation here are some things that we actually learn from camping.

necessary things for camping
Camping in a Group
Learn a new skill

Whenever you visit new place it’s not just for fun, you are always learning new small things, increasing your travel experience and awareness. And at the end of the trip, there’s always a new page added in your travel journey’s book.

From camping you will learn how to pitch a tent, perhaps how to light a campfire or cook your BBQ over a slow fire. In short, you actually learn how to survive on the place where you are not going to get everything that you want. You will learn to manage and enjoy things with less resources.

These survival skills is something all of us need to learn, both adults and children alike.

Bond with your loved ones

In daily life at offices or home, everyone is busy in phones, laptops, bedrooms and kitchens, that we get only time together for dinner with our family and loved ones.

Camping will completely give you a day to spend lots of time with your loved ones. While camping you will be surprised how much you can connect with your family and friends. To develop a meaningful human soul connections, these adventures are always important at least once in a while.

necessary things for camping
Camping Group Activities
Make new friends

Camping is an awesome place to meet like-minded people, make new camper friends, tell and listen camping stories and life experiences. After all, we all deserve to increase our friend circle, connections with people and lost in nature’s beauty.

Get surprised by Nature

Why is Nature’s surprise important? Capturing nature’s beauty in eyes and getting surprised after so long always gives pleasure by working on the dopamine system in our brains, helping us to focus our attention and inspiring us to look at our situation in new ways. A new place, a new experience, new people all good for that brain that’s been slaving hard at work from Monday to Friday.

Open minded thoughts

The major difference between close and open minded thoughts is, it comes from the place where we are actually sitting and thinking about our life. If the place is so small and congested, it will stop our thinking ability, but if you notice and try to go on completely open place in nature, sit there and think about your life, the thoughts will eventually be limitless with infinite possibilities of solutions for all your problems.



Whenever you go into the nature for camping or any other activities, with fun and relaxation it always gives your body dozens of significant quantifiable health benefits, both mental and physical.

Health benefits of camping
Health Benefits of Camping
Fresh air

While camping you will be surrounded by many trees which results in great oxygen source to your body throughout the day. As per the research and studies, spending time around trees and looking at trees helps in reducing the stress level, lowers blood pressure and improves mood.

With every breath in, you are providing a good amount of oxygen to the entire body which eventually reduces blood pressure as well as the stress-related hormones.

When you spend a few days outside, you get some great much needed health benefits from the extra oxygen and low levels of pollutants as compared to your city life.

Socialization and improved moods

Camping in a different groups of people always makes you more social by mixing with other people of same or different nature. Increasing healthy relationship with your loved ones, family, friends or even new camper friends impacts on good feelings in your mood and releasing dopamine in your brain.

Camping Activities
Camping Group Activities at Night

According to the research published in the American Journal of Public Health, socializing can extend your lifespan and increase memory to the great extent.

By socialization you will always get a chance to learn travel experiences of other people for your next journeys or even you can share your own in groups.

Exercise and Meditation

When you are camping, unknowingly you are performing physical and cardiovascular activities throughout a day that will help to keep your heart and lungs healthy. Even if you are going for hiking or biking you are burning more calories as compared to burning sitting around an office or in home while continuously using phones and laptops.

Meditation is the only way you must try while camping to stay away from all the electronic devices and to get disconnected from the entire world for an hour or a day. Feel the nature’s simplicity around you while meditating, get fresh air and sunshine which will ultimately gives you self awareness, stress-reduction and reducing your depression, fatigue, heart disease or even allergies as per the research.


What are the activities we can do in camping?

Well so main focus of camping is how we spend our entire day of camping by doing activities with our squad. It’s always been a hot topic in a group that what are the group activities we are going to do while camping or during night time?

Bonfire at campsite
Bonfire at Campsite
Hike or walk in nearby area

If you are camping near hills, mountains or trekking areas, you can always explore a place by climbing the hills to get experience of trek with your group or if the area is a long stretch surrounded by trees, you can always take a walk to capture the pics.

Boating or water sports

If you are camping near lake, river or beach, during your day time you can always take a dip in water with all safety. Enjoy boat ride, river rafting, parasailing and much more water activities with your family and loved ones.

Water Sports Near Camping
Water Sports Near Camping
Sports activities by organizers

Your camping organizers always provides many outdoor sports activities such as badminton, cricket, dart, carrom, tree or rope climbing and much more which will keep you busy and active while camping. And then you can always carry your own.

Bits on the dance floor

As the sun goes down and the barbecue goes high on fire grill with delicious dinner in progress, your dance floor gets ready for perfect DJ night with your favourite songs. Keep your body moving and enjoy to the fullest on dance floor.

Camping Group Activities
Camping Group Activities
Stargazing and moon watching

For sky lovers, no need to tell to get ready with your cameras and telescopes to enjoy the sky full of stars or even by your naked eyes. If you are lucky you can capture shooting stars in your eyes, just try to watch at sky with all your focus for long time, you will capture it definitely.

Some organizers provides telescopes. One can capture moon rise time lapse or the perfect shot of full moon or curve. Download sky map in your phones to watch and understand stars. 


Can I camp anywhere in india?

Legally it is ok to camp every nature friendly and safe places in India on your own or with camping organizers.

Camping in india
Camping in India
Based on our traveled and camping experience in almost all places in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka we are sharing do/not-to-do the following necessary things for camping
  1. Never be so late for your camping location or spot to avoid missing perfect nature time lapse scenes and problems on your way in dark. Reaching at the site before sunset is always a best practice for your camping trips.
  2. To ensure better security if you have not much experience, always pickup your camping location near local night restaurants or Dhabas those will be open in almost all small and big cities. They are not free but you could always camp near locals.
  3. Please DO NOT CARRY anything valuable with you like gold or too much money. Also keep your cameras, phone, laptop in secure or locked place.
  4. Also do not carry too much weapons for your safety, people see that as a suspicious thing here in India. Just keeping a knife (small and sharp) along with pepper spray is enough.
  5. Try to camp with camping organizers by following their itinerary for safety and hustle free planning.
  6. Before you choose your location, it’s always better to have some knowledge and awareness of that place because in India, to enter some states or places, you need government approval or local authority permissions like protected forests and some historical monuments.
  7. Try to interact with locals and be friendly with them, to create supporting and helpful relationship environment.
  8. India is a beautiful place and solo or group traveling (trekking, biking, cycling or camping) is beyond mesmerizing. But it comes with its own risks. Be aware, take proper steps and keep safe.


What are the best places for camping near mumbai?

We all want some rest at weekend from this hustle bustle life of Mumbai or any other city and looking for a perfect weekend where we can spend some time with our loved ones, friends, family with the beauty of this amazing nature. Don’t worry here are top 10 suggestions for Camping near Mumbai which are not so far from Mumbai and definitely worth for your weekend stay.

Camping near mumbai
Camping Near Mumbai – Photo by Kevin Ianeselli on Unsplash
  1. Pawna Lake (130 km from Mumbai)
  2. Revdanda Beach Camping – Alibaugh (120 km from Mumbai)
  3. Kolad Camping and River Rafting (125 km from Mumbai)
  4. Bhandardara Camping near Mumbai (150 km from Mumbai)
  5. Karnala Camping and Bird Sanctuary (55 km from Mumbai)
  6. Igatpuri Camping (115 km from Mumbai)
  7. Prabalmachi and Kalvantin Durg Camping near Mumbai (60 km from Mumbai)
  8. Vasind River side Camping (65 km from Mumbai)
  9. Kashid Beach side Camping – Alibaugh (135 km from Mumbai)
  10. Malshej Ghat Camping on Hills (100 km from Mumbai)

Check out details of these locations, itinerary for camping along with all details such as camping charges, best camping organizers and contact inquiries.

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