Everything about Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India

Here we are sharing everything about hampi based on our experience that You Must be Known to feel the Beauty of this eye catching place in India and before giving a visit there you must read it once.

Everything about Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India

Hampi is one of the top 10 Ancient Village of India located in South part of India which is Karnataka. It is near the modern-era city called Hosapete also known as Hospet which is a city and district headquarters of Vijayanagara district of Karnataka state.

In the 14th century, Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire established in 1336 based in the Deccan Plateau region which is a large plateau that covers most of South India. It has become most attractive place for tourists due to it is situated on the banks of beautiful River which is none other than Tungabhadra River near the state border of Andhra Pradesh in combination with numerous Ancient Temples, Banana Farms and Trading Markets.

Our personal experience says, Temples in Hampi are so calm and meaningful that once you visit there you will definitely feel Positive Vibes and Happiness which will help you to forget rest of the world for a day. 

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Temple’s Architecture in Hampi


Who created Hampi?

Krishna Deva Raya II
The temple was built by Lakkan Dandesha, a Nayaka (leader of a tribe) under the ruler Krishna Deva Raya II previously known as Prauda Deva Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire who ruled Hampi between 1509 and 1529. At that time Rulers who used to ruled the region were great lovers of religion and cultural art and hence most of the Kings used to put in a lot of effort to set up extremely beautiful, elaborative and impressive empires using one of the best architectural designs, which has now become attraction for tourists.

Everything about Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Virupaksha Temple View


Who Discovered Hampi?

Colin Mackenzie
He was a collector of antiquities and a scholar of Oriental studies. In British East India Company, he was Scottish army officer who later became the first Surveyor General of India.  In 1800, It was Colin Mackenzie who brought the ruins of Hampi in front of the world with the evidence of map drawn by himself. He visited the Hampi ruins, collected some handwritten compositions, had some watercolors painted of monuments and made the first map of the site.

Everything about Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India


When and how Hampi got destroyed?

In 1565, at the Battle of Talikota which was a watershed battle fought between  an alliance of the Deccan sultanates and the guardians of Vijayanagara Empire, a coalition of Muslim sultanates rulers entered into a war with the Vijayanagara Empire guardians. The city was robbed with a lot of violence, forcefully looted and burnt completely for the six months after the war, then deserted as a huge destructive place, which are now known for Hampi’s Group of Monuments in India.


Hampi was the capital of which empire?

In 14th century, Hampi was the capital of  last great Hindu Kingdom “Vijayanagara Empire” which was a Deccan Plateau region of South Indian part established in 1336 on the southern banks of Tungabhadra River. At that time Hampi is known by the old name Pampa – Kshetra.

Harihara and Bukka have discovered Vijayanagara Empire in the region between the river Krishna and Tungabhadra in 1336 and became the city’s first kings, then later on declared Hampi as it’s capital city.

So many rulers had ruled the empire in different centuries out of which Krishna Deva Raya(1509-1529) and Achyuta Deva Raya(1529-1542) was the famous one.

hampi was the capital of which empire
Hampi – Capital of Vijayanagara Empire


Is Hampi and Vijayanagara same?

Hampi itself was a part and capital of Vijayanagara ruins that have been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Vijayanagara is in the eastern part of central Karnataka and it is close to the Andhra Pradesh border. It has Pre-Vijayanagara era temples, monuments and palaces, also as mentioned in Hindu texts it is an ancient human settlement.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
View of Anjeneri Anjanadri – Hanuman’s Birth Place


How To Go Hampi ?

From Mumbai, Hampi is 685 Kms which will take almost a day to reach if you go by road which becomes excellent road trip taking you through some amazing destinations like Satara, Kolhapur and Belgavi.

How to go hampi
Hampi Village Entrance

By Train, Hospet Junction also known as Hosapete is the nearest railway station to Hampi.

Hubballi Festival Special-07318 is available from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at 08:30 PM. It will reach by 12 PM at Hubballi Junction. From there you need to take Vijayawada Amaravati Festival Special-07226 at  01:30 PM which will reach Hosapete Junction (Hospet) by 4 PM. From there Hampi is just 13 KMs away by local transport.

Distance From other prime Indian cities and towns to Hampi.

Goa: 316Kms (7hr 30min)
Banglore: 342Kms (6hr 30min)
Hyderabad: 372Kms (8hr 30min)
Chennai: 579Kms (13hr 20min)

The nearest operational airport to Hampi is Hubli Airport. It is almost 166 Kms away from the city and another one is Belgaum Airport, 290 Kms away from Hampi both are operating with regular flights from Bangalore and other prime indian cities.

How to get bus from Mumbai to Hampi?
You need to travel in parts as there is no direct transport mode connectivity between Mumbai and Hampi. We suggest the cheapest way to reach from Mumbai is take a bus to Bangalore, then from there bus to Hampi which takes almost 25 to 26hr.

If you need fastest way to reach from Mumbai to Hampi flight to Hubli Airport is the best option, then cab or local transport to Hampi which takes 6hr 30min.

How to go hampi
Way Towards Hampi and Hosapete

How do you get from Hampi to Hospet?
Under Rs.20 you can go to Hampi from Hospet on a local bus via Gateway to Hampi road. The local buses takes about half an hour to reach Hampi.

The last bus to Hampi from Hospet bus stand is at 9.30 pm and the last bus from Hampi to Hospet is at 8.30 pm though you must check the bus timetable on holidays. Try to catch bus before evening as after 7 pm the frequency of buses is one in every half an hour.


What is the best time to visit Hampi?

You must go for Hampi Festival which is one of the most delightful and well known festivals in Karnataka that come in the month of November. Due to Hampi’s rich cultural background, it witnesses numerous festivals throughout the year out of which Hampi Festival(Utsav) is one that comes with sports, adventure activities, and cultural performances by artists.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Winters in Hampi – Month of November

So consider to go between November to February which is the best suitable season for this south location because of the winters also. At that time lowest temperature is almost 11°C and highest temperature is about 30°C and the day time is very satisfying and appealing also the nights are quite chilly and relaxing.


How many days do you need in Hampi?

3 to 5 days
Hampi is very huge and surrounded by all the attractive Temples, Ancient heritage and innumerable Boulders(huge rock fragments). Ideally Hampi can be covered in 2 days(1 day for town side and 1 day for hippie Island), but in hurry you might miss some of the temples and eye catching sunrise/sunset views and those lip-smacking food specialty of Karnataka. So we would suggest to spend at least 3 days. The town side has most attractions, but can be covered in a day if started early.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Hampi – Ancient Village in Karnataka, India


What can I buy in Hampi?

Clothes and Handmade Things
There are lot of shops around Hampi from which we suggest you to buy clothes and handmade things those are quite worthy and long lasting. Clothes in Hampi are inexpensive which mainly includes kurtas, pants, skirts and blouses. Most of them are outside of the Virupaksha temple and one must visit Hampi Market which is behind the temple selling jewelry, bags, scarfs, toys and all other things that attract tourists.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Hampi Market

Also in Hampi Market you will find things like Stone Artefacts, Lambani Crafts, Leather Crafts, Musical Instruments, Banana Fiber Crafts and much more.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Sculpture of Goddess

Inside Virupaksha temple you will get some stuff that represents Hampi’s cultural background.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Things Inside Virupaksha Temple


What is special in Hampi?

Temples, Huge Rocks, Monolithic Sculptures
Hampi is famous for its ruins which means the physical destruction of place which belonging to the erstwhile medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijaynagar which is is declared as a World Heritage site.

The temples of Hampi, story behind it and the things that actually happened inside, attracts the people to explore it more, in addition to which it’s monolithic sculptures monuments made from a single large block of stone and excellent workmanship behind it attracts the tourists towards this place.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Virupaksha Temple – Hampi

The Hindu style of architecture found at Hampi reflects the magnificent appearance of the Vijaynagar Empire. Huge rocks on top of the uneven surface and cloudy sky behind it, adds to the historic ambiance of this site.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Boulder – Huge Rocks


Which river flows in Hampi?

Tungabhadra River 
This Indian river previously known as Pampa, formed by the gathering of the Tunga River and the Bhadra River at Koodli which actually starts and flows through the Karnataka state during most of its route or direction, before flowing along the border between Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and at the end joining the Krishna River near Sangameswaram village located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh in India.

River is very beautiful and attractive that one most visit to see it in early morning.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Glimpse of Tungabhadra River


Is Hampi open for tourists now?

Hampi is considered as very safe till now. Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel. Before entering Hampi, no e-passes, test certificates or accommodation proofs are required by travelers. There is no requirement of a COVID-19 test or thermal screening upon entry in Hampi.

Still one must take care of everything by respecting this beautiful place and locals over there. There is no lockdown, except in containment zones.


Best Food Restaurants in Hampi ?

Mango Tree Restaurant
Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Hampi’s Special Thali at Mango Tree
With more than 4k reviews and 4.5 Star Plus ratings on google this restaurant has become a value for money and worth visiting food place in Hampi. We have visited there for our lunch and the cultural ambience, sitting arrangement and lip-smacking Karnataka food left us with fully satisfied that soothed our mind.
For dinner Gopi Roof Restaurant and Chillout are also best choices for food and great ambience at night.
Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Mango Tree Restaurant Hampi


Temples that you must visit in Hampi

Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple Hampi Karnataka India
Virupaksha Temple – Hampi

There are numerous temples in Hampi that one cannot visit in a day or two. So here we are suggesting 5 must visit and meaningful Hampi Temples that includes Virupaksha, Achyutaraya, Hazara Rama, Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple and Vijaya Vitthala Temple. Read the attraction and story behind these temples.


Where should I stay in Hampi?

One must try to stay in small roof houses or old style rooms instead of luxury accommodations to take feel of Hampi’s culture and mix up with people over there. Here is our top 5 picks for your destination stays at Hampi.

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India
Stays and Restaurants in Hampi

Archana Guest House: Budget hotel (Starting Rs. 1,000 Onwards) 

Ratings – 4.5/5

Heritage Resort Hampi: Costly but value for money (Starting Rs. 5,000 Onwards)

Ratings – 4.7/5

Golden Garden Homestay Hampi: Budget hotel (Starting Rs. 800 Onwards)

Ratings – 4/5

Rocky Guest House: Budget hotel (Starting Rs. 700 Onwards)

Ratings – 4.2/5

Lakshmi Heritage Tourist Home: Budget hotel (Starting Rs. 900 Onwards)

Ratings – 4.5/5

Check our top 5 picks to Stay in Hampi – Details with Photos.


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