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Hey there, recently I have visited this beautiful Meditation Centre located near Gorai in Mumbai which is one of the best one-day trip relaxing location known as Global Vipassana Pagoda. In this blog, I am sharing everything about Global Vipassana Pagoda that you must be known before giving a visit to this place.

I hope this blog may help you to answer most of your questions about this beautiful place.

Everything about Global Vipassana Pagoda
Everything about Global Vipassana Pagoda

The word Vipassana means meditation which involves concentration on your body and feeling the sensations. This Pagoda is the monument of peace and harmony which is dedicated to meditation surrounded by beautiful greenery. This place is a shrine for the ancient architecture of the Buddhism religion.


The Story Behind Global Vipassana Pagoda

On 8th February 2009, the pagoda was inaugurated in the presence of Pratibha Patil, who served as the 12th President of India between 2007 to 2012. It is built between Gorai creek and the Arabian Sea on donated land on a peninsula.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai honours Gautama the Buddha and explains his Teaching. It also expresses gratitude to Myanmar for preserving Vipassana Meditation, which is the essence of that Teaching.

Global Vipassana Pagoda
Global Vipassana Pagoda

This place consists of three sub-domes. On 29 October 2006, the bone relics of Gautam Buddha were enshrined in the central locking stone of the dome when the first and largest dome was completed in October 2006, making it the world’s largest structure containing relics of the Buddha.

Pagoda View from Entrance
Beautiful Entrance Architecture

Also, the Pagoda expresses appreciation to Sayagyi U Ba Khin who was the first Accountant-General of Independent Burma and an influential leader of the Vipassana meditation. He has a major contribution in Vipassana returning to India(the country of its origin) and enabling people around the world to learn Vipassana today.


Major Attraction of Global Vipassana Pagoda

When you enter this place you will see a huge eye-catching golden shade Pagoda which is a center of attraction for this place. Pagoda is basically a tower-like, multistory architecture mainly solid or hollow structure mostly made of wood, stone, or brick and usually found in a Buddhist temple.

Pagoda View from Entrance
Pagoda View from Stairs

To enter the Pagoda, they do not charge any fee from visitors and that too the place is so clean and maintained, that make this place so admirable attraction for visitors. After entering and completing security and safety checks you need to climb some steps that may be around 40 to 50 towards a huge pagoda. On every step, you will get a picturesque view of this relaxing environment.

Global Vipassana Pagoda view from top
View After Climbing Steps

What amazes me is under this beautiful huge Pagoda of Global Vipassana contains the world’s largest stone dome which is built without any supporting pillars. Inside this dome, at a time 8,000 Vipassana meditators can seat which makes it the largest meditation hall in the world.

Global Vipassana Pagoda Main Entrance
Global Vipassana Pagoda Main Entrance
Global Vipassana Pagoda Dome Hall
Dome Hall View from Visitor’s Gallery

The height of the dome is approximately 29 meters, and the height of the building is 96.12 meters, which is double in size of the Gol Gumbaz Dome in Bijapur-India, which was the previously largest hollow stone monument in the world.

On the outer side of the surrounding walls of the dome, you will get to see life and spiritual quotes of Gautam buddha written in all languages.

Spiritual Quotes on Life
Spiritual Quotes on Life


Why You Should Visit Global Vipassana Pagoda?

On 6th June 2013, Global Vipassana Pagoda is declared as “One of the Seven Wonders of Maharashtra” by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in partnership with ABP Majha which is a Marathi news channel after comparing it with 350 more destinations.

Global Vipassana Pagoda Architecture
Global Vipassana Pagoda Architecture

You must visit Global Vipassana Pagoda to witness the wonder of why it has got selected as one of the seven wonders of the state. Also, its developments and unique nature make this place worth your visit. The architecture carved here on Poles and Walls is eye-catching and worth seeing.


Things to watch inside Global Vipassana Pagoda

Golden Piller Architecture beautifully carved at the entrance, which adds a royal attraction to this place.

Global Vipassana Pagoda Entrance Architecture
Pagoda Entrance Architecture

Quotes written on the walls of the dome in 3 different languages, Hindi, Marathi and English, that gives a great life message to everyone.

Life Quotes
Life Quotes

Dripping water stairs near Buddhist idols statue surrounded by beautiful and colorful flower trees.

Dripping Water Stairs
Dripping Water Stairs

A small garden with rotating Dharmachakra is also known as Dharma wheel which is one of the many sacred teachings of Buddhism and other Indian religions, such as Hinduism and Jainism.

Dhammachakra in Global Vipassana Pagoda
Dhammachakra in Global Vipassana Pagoda

This symbol represents Buddha’s teachings of spirituality and life lessons and it is considered one of the most important and sacred symbols in the Buddhist faith.

Grand Door of the dome beautifully carved with the icons of the Buddhist religion.

Grand Door of Global Vipassana Pagoda
Grand Door of the Dome

Golden Statue of Sayagyi U Ba Khin who was the first Accountant-General of Independent Burma and a teacher of the Vipassana meditation.

Sculpture of Sayagyi U Ba Khin
Sculpture of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Main Pagoda Entrance which is a viewing gallery for the visitors to see the meditation dome, partitioned by transparent glass.

Visitors Gallery Inside Dome
Visitor’s Gallery Inside Dome

A huge bell that needs to be hammer by a hanging huge rock piece, creates a great soothing reverberate sound.

A Huge Bell
A Huge Bell

Peaceful Statue of Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha Statue inside Global Vipassana Pagoda
Gautam Buddha Statue


How You Can Get to Global Vipassana Pagoda?

How to reach global vipassana pagoda
Pagoda View from Jetty

This place is located near Gorai, north-west of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Nearest landmarks are Esselworld and Gorai Creek.

Reach Borivali Station on the Western Railway Mumbai Suburban line. Buses and Trains are easily available from different locations of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

The Creek is about 3.8 km from the Borivali Station. You can take an autorickshaw to the Gorai Creek from station. At the Gorai Creek, you have to go to the other side of the creek by ferry, which is easily available.

Ferry to global vipassana pagoda
Ferry to Pagoda

You can either take the Esselworld Ferry Service, which costs Rs.50 for a return trip, or the local ferry service, costing Rs.5 for a one-way trip. The last ferry available to the Global Vipassana Pagoda is around 5.25 pm.


Food Services inside Global Vipassana Pagoda

As I already mentioned in this blog, this place is so clean that you will not find any garbage things, plastic bottles were thrown anywhere. It means outside food is strictly not allowed inside the Pagoda except for water bottles, your bags will be checked at the entrance. 

Food at global vipassana pagoda
Different Dishes in Food Service

For food, there is a separate place which is a food stall with a seating arrangement in front of the pagoda beside Dhamma chakra garden. There you will get all the snacks and delicious food at a reasonable rate which is very clean and worthy. Also drinking water tank is available there, but always go for the mineral water.

Check the Food Menu here.


Who Can Do the Meditation in Global Vipassana Pagoda?

Inside the dome, only old Vipassana meditators have access to enter the dome and meditate. All the other visitors can view the inside dome from the visitors’ gallery through the glass partition between the dome and the small gallery area.

Dhamma Pattana Vipassana Centre
Dhamma Pattana Vipassana Centre

On some days visitors can get a rare opportunity to learn Anapana Meditation for 10 minutes – near the Buddha’s relics at Global Vipassana Pagoda’s North Pagoda (Opposite Visitor’s Gallery). For these courses, they do not charge any fees. Anyone who is fit and above 10 years of age can participate here.

Meditation at Global Vipassana Pagoda
Meditation at Global Vipassana Pagoda

All participants must sit continuously and follow the audio instructions for 10 minutes without leaving the meditation hall. They should observe complete silence and should switch off their mobiles during the course. Timings for the same are 10.00 am to 6.30 pm continuously.


Best Time To Visit Global Vipassana Pagoda

Best time to visit Global Vipassana Pagoda
Evenings at Global Vipassana Pagoda

The actual timing of this place is 9 am – 7 pm on Monday to Sunday and Entry timing will be till 6.30 pm only.

I will suggest the best time to come during morning and evening hours when the sunlight is not that much. As you have to walk the surrounding area of Pagoda on open space without any roof or shades, try to come when the sunlight is not that extreme.

Even if you are coming in the afternoon hours, there are shades around the dome where you can sit and take your break by reading the quotes written on the dome walls.


Time to Say Bye

After spending 2 to 3 hours inside this peaceful and relaxing place, start your return journey with all the lifelong spiritual experience and soothing heart.

Global Vipassana Pagoda Exit
Global Vipassana Pagoda Exit Gate


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