Enjoy Your Travel Memories in Lockdown – Become Stress-Free

As we all know we all are stuck together in this lockdown due to pandemics once again. Due to the 2nd wave of COVID that has been hit in India, the lockdown has become more strict for a month since 1st April 2021. All our travel desires, plannings and excitement are once again stuck now for a month and we really don’t know for how much time it will take? Due to lack of exposure to nature, people are getting more stressed out at home, but here I am sharing some small things that you must try to Enjoy Your Travel Memories in Lockdown and Become Stress-Free at home. Yes, this is a very small step but it will keep your travel desires alive in your heart and bring a smile on your face for a day.

Enjoy Your Travel Memories in Lockdown and Become Stress Free
Enjoy Your Travel Memories

It has been said that ‘Great Things Always Takes Time.’ Your travel desire is one of those things. If it is taking time, use that time to energize yourself to start a new journey once again post lockdown, this time with all the awareness of your destinations. With some patience and positivity try to follow the below steps, and definitely post lockdown you are going to explore this nature with full of enthusiasm.

1. Take a Look at Your Old Travel Stories and Photos

Old Travel Stories and Photos
Old Travel Stories and Photos

You must be having an experience of your best trips in life so far, and the photo/video gallery for the same. Bring that gallery out once again in front of your eyes every day. You will be literally lost for a moment in those memories and definitely, there will be a smile on your face while watching those memories in photos with your loved ones. Sitting with your family and watching these memories is another great experience for a stress-free life. This is because your mind will be completely in that moment by forgetting the rest of the world and problems.

Travel Diary for Happy Moments
Travel Diary for Happy Moments

You can also maintain a travel diary and note all the amazing moments from your past travel journeys. Whenever you take a look at this diary you will re-live all those moments once again with a smile. I know this sounds a small relief but it will bring a smile to your face for rest of the day and will keep your travel desire alive.

“Remember that Happiness is a Way of Travel, not a Destination!”


2. Read Why Traveling is Important in Life?

Importance of Traveling
Importance of Traveling

It is said that the more you have knowledge and awareness about traveling and places all around the world, the more grateful your life becomes. In your lockdown period or if you are feeling stress take a deep breath and start to read ‘Why you should travel more in your life?‘ Know the worth of traveling, become completely aware of places that are on your travel bucket list.

This can only be achieved by reading about traveling whether it would be on Internet blog posts, newspaper, travel articles or many more options are always there. It will bring all your mind and focus to the travel stories and create more and more ideas in your mind for your next destination.

Travel Benefits - Make New Friends
Travel Benefits – Make New Travel Friends

The major motive of traveling is, it allows you to meet the people of different cultures, with diverse traditions and distinctive lifestyles. This will help you to make new friends circle and unity in travel lovers.

“Don’t tell How Educated You are, tell How Much You have Traveled!”


3. Everyday Read Travel Quotes

Everyday Read Travel Motivation Quotes
Everyday Read Travel Motivation Quotes

Travel quotes are there to express the feeling you experienced while traveling. Combine the best travel quotes with the power of an image and instantly have a taste of your travel feelings.

Start your day with these motivational quotes of travel or the best idea is to write sticky notes on your wall with these quotes. A short look at travel quotes will keep your travel desires motivated all the time. Practicing this everyday morning after waking up will bring positive motivational vibes throughout the day.

Kalo Dungar Rann of Kutch Gujrat
Feel the Morning Affirmations

Try and feel the Affirmations every morning for a good and positive start to the day. Motivational quotes also improve mental and physical health. Traveling is all about exploring new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals, and styles of living.

“Today is Your Opportunity to Motivate Yourself and Build the Tomorrow You Want!”


4. Look at the Sky which will Open Up Your Mind Beyond the Limits

Health benefits of camping
Open Up Your Soul to the Nature

It is a true and tested method based on the studies. Whenever we sit at a fully open place under the sky our mind gets more open to thoughts and desires. At that moment your thinking will go beyond the limits, it becomes limitless. Opposite to this, whenever we are sitting in a closed room for more time our mind becomes narrow and that is the reason why the stress level is getting increased in people during these lockdowns? 

So by staying at your home, from your balconies or terrace give some time to yourself to look at the sky and feel the difference in your thinking! This sentence will definitely come to your mind “I should travel this beautiful world, which is a god’s gift!”

“The Earth has Music for those Who Listen!”


5. Plan Your Upcoming Trips for the Year of 2021 Post Lockdown

Travel Planning
Travel Planning 2021

To spend your quality and stress-free time in a day, take a notebook and start planning your next travel trip destination. As you must have ever felt that, while making any picnic or travel plans our excitement level goes to the peak. Also discussing the upcoming trips with your friends or family creates a good conversation environment and engagement which will lead to fulfilling your travel desires.

Safe places to visit during covid in india
Explore the Unknown Places

Also, proper planning is always necessary before visiting any unknown place, so this method will help you a bit in that way. While planning your trips you will discover new things and the latest trending places as per the season. Also, the stays and food ideas will increase your excitement level. While planning, you will also realize past trip mistakes and note them down for the next destination to avoid repeating them.

You can check the below itinerary that I made before visiting the destination and how I complete my journey as per the plan.

Read Mumbai To Tarkarkli (Konkan) Coastal Bike Ride of Maharashtra.

So in the end, stress-free quality time is there while travel plannings! And as soon as the lockdown ends, you will be ready with a proper travel plan in your hand.

“A Good Remedy for Stress, Anxiety and Depression is Traveling.”


6. Listen Songs or Watch Movies that Inspires You to Travel

Listen Motivational Music for Travel
Listen Motivational Music for Your Travel Desires

Listening to music or watching movies is everyone’s interest. Then why not go for Motivational Music and Movies? It is said that music always keeps our difficult dreams or desires alive all the time. So eventually listening to motivational songs your travel goals will be boost.

As you move to the rhythm of the music, it not only helps you to coordinate but also boosts your self-confidence. Thus, listening to motivation songs, while you are feeling stress or low or while doing a task at work, can boost your self-confidence. Improved self-confidence is also directly related to self-esteem.

Watch Travel Movies
Watch Travel Movies

It provides a total brain workout by releasing positive hormones. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mental alertness, mood and memory. It makes one forget his or her worries, problems, frustrations and fears.

“Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.”


7. Read about the Beautiful Places of Your Country

Udaipur city if lakes in rajasthan
Beautiful Destinations of India – Udaipur

Nowadays people are spending more time on social media which has become an addiction. Try to utilize that time on reading the story of beautiful places in your country and why you should visit them? It will automatically create excitement to watch those places in real.

You can also create a pin map, all you need for this is a map and some pins and after every adventure, you put new pins in the locations you traveled to. Or you can simply mark the next desired destination on the map after completely reading about it. This map will keep you remembering your next destination again and again.

Pin Map for Travel Destinations
Pin Map for Travel Destinations

Below are the 2 articles you can check, that I have written based on my personal visit and experience to those places.

Read: How the Konkan Coast is Paradise of Maharashtra?

Read: Everything about Hampi – An ancient village of South India.

Reading basically strengthens your brain and gives it a proper direction to achieve your goals. So if you have any goal or bucket list to explore the places or adventure traveling, then reading about it will encourage you more towards achieving it.

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times!”


8. Physically Active and Mentally Relaxed

Physically Active
Physically Active – Keep the Body in Movement

It is a Major Mantra of life that says ‘Become Physically Active and Mentally Relaxed’ to achieve all your goals in life. The person needs to fix his or her physical condition first before moving towards the goals.

Because without being physically fit you will not get the energy that is required to take actions for your goals. A physically active person has a different level of energy and stress-free life as compared to the one who has a non-active lifestyle. 

Travelling has an indirect relation to good physique because a physically active person has more energy to walk, travel and explore the places more and more.

Be physically active every day by doing at least small activities such as a good workout or perfect walk or dance sessions. So once the lockdown ends you will start your traveling in a physically fit condition instead of starting from a lazy mood.

Yoga for Relaxation
Yoga for Mental Relaxation

On the other hand, a relaxed mind is always ready to take perfect decisions in life! So try not to take things seriously, practice your mind to stay relaxed in all the conditions. This can be achieved with a good Meditation Session every day.

“In the end, I must say What a Wonderful World it was!”


9. Take a Look at Your Travel Souvenirs

Travel Memories Souvenirs
Travel Memories Souvenirs

One of the funny and amazing things to recall our travel memories by checking the collection of travel souvenirs. It basically includes postcards, past travel tickets, pieces of jewelry, and amazing dresses that you bought from the special location from your past journeys.

Beautiful Showpiece Souvenirs
Beautiful Showpiece Souvenirs

Also, mugs, showpieces, hats, photo frames, special notes, stamps, currencies can be the best travel souvenirs collection. By checking this collection again and again you will re-live your best travel moments and the adventure from the past. I strongly believe that one should always buy perfumes from different destinations as perfumes plays the best role in memories.

“The more Travel Stories you have, the more Enthusiast Person you will Become.”


10. Give it Back to Nature – Save the Mother Earth

Save Nature Save Mother Earth
Save Nature – Save Mother Earth

As we all are stuck in a pandemic together and due to which in lockdown, and now hoping to start everything once again as it is used to be. But now don’t just sit, it’s our time to give something back to nature and fill your heart full of love.

  • Plant a Tree: For this, you can simply plant new trees and water them from time to time.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle: Follow these three “R’s” to conserve natural resources and landfill space. Cut down on what you throw away. 
  • Educate: Be aware of how to protect nature and what is causing harm to it. You can help others understand the importance and value of our natural resources.
  • Conserve water: The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.
  • Shop wisely: Buy less plastic and bring a reusable shopping bag.
  • Donate: You can also take a step for helping the needy with a food donation drive.
Save Nature Save Mother Earth
Love the Beautiful Nature

We only have one life and we should thank it for making us more advanced creatures on this planet. So if we want this beautiful nature to explore, first give something to it from your side.

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles, begins with a Single Step.”

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