Day 2 – Ganpatipule To Tarkarli Via Coastal Route

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So the Day 2 is all about positive vibes of Ganpatipule Temple, Beaches and continuing our Ganpatipule to Tarkarli journey which is the soul of Konkan via coastal route.

ganpatipule Temple Entrance
Ganpatipule Temple Entrance

Waking up with wonderful view and spotting a bird with orange breast, blue plumage with daggerlike bills was none other than the kingfisher and this made a good start of our day! We headed on for Lord Ganesha’s Darshan! There are innumerable Ganesh temples visible. Ganpatipule is one of them!

Kingfisher Bird Photo
Kingfisher Bird

The specialty of the place is it’s exotic natural beauty. The huge Arabian Ocean at west and sandy beach playing with the eternal blue-and-white waves, with a breath-taking green backdrop and extremely beautiful redish color architecture of the new temple!

ganpatipule Temple Photo
Ganpatipule Temple

The abode of Ganesha at Ganpatipule is Swayambhoo! Swayambhoo deities are the parts of this eternal nature. They need not to be sculpted or carved, they are born of nature itself. The temple was constructed 500 years back. The new structure was based on the ancient Indian architecture of temples. To give a feel of being carved in a single rock, this construction has taken place in special stone-Agra Red.

Ganaptipule Ganesh Temple
Redish Architecture

We took hibiscus garland and entered for the darshan. Those few moments infront of Lord ganesha felt a divine connect. To make a circumnavigation to the mountain is as good as a circumnavigation to the deity. The circumnavigation path is well covered with pores ‘Jaambhaa’ red stone. Walking through the shade of the trees on both sides and with cool breeze with the glimpses of the sea while making a circumnavigation on this path is refreshing too!

Pradakshina path of ganpatipule temple
Pradakshina Path of Ganpatipule Temple
Pradakshina path of ganpatipule temple
Pradakshina Path of Ganpatipule Temple

While circumnavigating the temple, suddenly a sound of flute came on our ear, we looked around and found a piper was playing a flute of which melodious music soothed our heart.

Piper playing fute image ganpatipule
Piper Playing a Flute

After spending some time around temple and clicking pictures of birds and flowers, we went on ganpatipule beach, which was very clean and giving a perfect attractive frame by being in front of beautiful temple.

ganpatipule beach and temple panorama
Ganpatipule Beach and Temple Panorama
ganpatipule beach image
Ganpatipule Beach

Winter is the most pleasant season to enjoy on Ganpatipule Beach, in addition to the quiet beaches, it is rich in vegetation, including mangroves and coconut ponds. We got to see some camels over here.

Camel at ganpatipule beach
Camel at Ganpatipule Beach

It was 12 PM, we checked out from home stay and started our next Ganpatipule to Tarkarli journey towards Malvan through Sagari Mahamarga which was almost around 150 kms towards Tarkarli-Devbaugh. On the way we came alongside the “Aare-Ware” beach. One of the eye catching beach I have seen ever! The view of the Aare Ware beach is breathtaking! While travelling on this route one must take few moments stop by the roadside and feel the beauty of the Konkani nature!

Aare ware beach konkan
Aare Ware Beach Konkan

On one side of the coast one get to see the unending sea and on the other the pitched roof Konkani houses! Riding all the way through the coast and sun overhead we stopped at kondsar Bk at a small hotel named Kshanbhar Vishranti just for a bottle of water but ended up having tasty Dal rice with coconut and redchillli chutney filling up our bellies!

Kondsar Bk Konkan Nature
Kondsar Bk Konkan
Aare ware beach
Line of Beautiful Trees

Moving ahead 60 kms riding all the way we were fortunate for a beautiful view of the sunset! Although sunsets can be seen anywhere, certain parts are famous for their twilight hues. It was one of the best sunset seen this year. Everything was just a perfect picture like God has just completed painting sunset on his canvas!

Beautiful Sunset Captured Near Devgad Konkan
Beautiful Sunset Captured Near Devgad Konkan

Happily we started our journey and entered the Devgad Taluka where at a small village named Jamsande where we halted at temple of Godesses Dirbadevi.

Dirbadevi temple jamsande devgad konkan
Dirbadevi Temple Jamsande Devgad

The day was setting in and the sky was getting darker, for a moment we got to see amazing moon curve near that temple.

Captured Moon Curve Near Dirbadevi Temple Devgad Konkan
Captured Moon Curve Near Dirbadevi Temple

After 10 to 15 minutes, we started all along the curvy paths with hardly any streetlights on the roads and finally reached our destination “Tarkarli”. We had a homestay Joshivadi which stood exactly in between Devbagh and Tarkarli villages in the Sindhudurga district. We checked in our rooms and freshen up ourselves and took some rest and asked for the local restaurants nearby for the dinner.

Starry Night at Devbaugh Tarkarli Beach
Starry Night at Devbaugh-Tarkarli

The starry night above was better than any software imitation. There were lighter patches, clusters of faint and bold light, the constellations altered according to the time of year. We sat against the cool wood of the fence. By the star gazing app we tracked the constellations, the planets and the brightest stars. It was all as we wanted. The day ended on beautiful note of gazing the stars and moon in the dark black velvet sky!

Mumbai to Konkan Coastal Ride Blue Water Beach

Day 3: Well the soul of Konkan which is none other than Tarkarli-Devbaugh and Malvan is all about tall Coconut Trees, beautiful Temples, amazing Beaches and Konkani Nonveg Food. Sharing our complete day here with you, how we spent it well in between the beauty of this god gifted nature.. Read next day story

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Sam thomas
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