Best Places for Camping Near Mumbai – Top 10

We all want some rest at weekend from this hustle bustle life of Mumbai or any other city and looking for a perfect weekend where we can spend some time with our loved ones, friends, family with the beauty of this amazing nature. Don’t worry here are some perfect suggestions for Camping near Mumbai which are not so far from Mumbai and definitely worth for your weekend stay.

We actually went there to check if the places are really worthy and based on which giving you the best review along with all photos, directions and complete itinerary plan. Also answering few of your most asked questions regarding camping.

1. Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping
Pawna Lake Camping

A perfect place surrounded by beautiful greenery, tall trees and a huge, calm and adorable nature’s beauty which is Pawna Lake, this perfect package you will get in Camping near mumbai that is Pawna Lake Camping. Just 20 Kms ahead Lonavla.

The perfect existence of God created nature will compel your fingertips here every time in every direction to capture the real beauty of this aura. 

Itinerary for Pawna Lake Camping

Ok, so the plan is like you need to go to the campsite by 4 pm with 1 or 2 days pre booking. Camping tents size of 2 or 3 people, will be already ready once you reach at the site. Get fresh and ready within an hour for evening snacks at 5.30 pm. Snacks mostly includes Kanda bhaji and Tea.

Pawna Lake Camping
Pawna Lake at Evening

With a sip of Tea, enjoy the Sunset moment between 6 to 6.30 pm, they place the camp in such a way that you don’t need to go anywhere for sunset, it’s in front of your eyes. As the sun goes down slowly, volume of the DJ goes up with perfect chilling music.

Between 7 to 9 pm you can enjoy the sports activities which they provides, includes Badminton, Cards, Dart, Carrom and much more or you can bring your own. By the time your BBQ will be on fire, which they serves at around 9 pm and at the same time much needed warmy campfire will be started to give perfect combination to cold weather near lake. 

Wait, the treasure is not yet over – here comes a perfect dinner between 10 pm to 11 pm. Dinner is unlimited which includes veg, nonveg both with a taste of Dessert at the end. Food quality is 4 out of 5. Once you had your dinner, rest is up to you whether to enjoy the night with friends, chill with the songs, stargazing or if you are tired enjoy the sleep in tents with a beautiful sound of Pawna Lake.

Try to get up by 6.30 am, if you want to see amazing morning view of this place when the sun is rising slowly, lake is shining and birds are singing.

So, by 8.30 am you will get unlimited breakfast which mainly includes Kande-Pohe along with cup of Tea. Once your morning photo session ends, by 11 am you need to say Bye to this place by checking out and starting your return journey with all those small but worthy moments in heart.

Pawna Lake Camping
Pawna Lake Camping – Morning View

Camping Charges: Rs.1200-1400 per person

Distance from Mumbai: 120 km

Major Attraction: Pawna Lake, Stargazing

Best Organizer: Pawnamachi Camping(+919765271526)

How to reach:

  • By road: You can easily find buses coming from Mumbai to Lonavala. Then you can take a taxi to Pawna.
  • By train: Lonavala Railway Station is the nearest for Pawna.
  • By air: At a distance of 64 km, Pune Airport is the nearest for Pawna.


2. Revdanda Beach Camping – Alibaugh

Camping near mumbai
Revdanda Beach Camping – Alibaugh

If you are looking to spend weekend near Beach, also want Camping with some DJ night and everything near Mumbai, no worries when this place full of nature’s beauty blessed with various beaches is near your hometown none other than Alibaugh. All the beaches of alibaugh have camping acitivities, but out of them we personally chose best and worthy campsite which is Revdanda Beach Camping.

Revdanda Beach is known for being home to Portuguese fort that once dominated these shores which has now became a major attraction for tourists.

This beach in the town is known for the crystal clear water and the fishing business. Main attraction of this camping is Golden sands, Crashing Waves, Soft-swaying breeze and the abundant Coconut trees, while you are enjoying with your squad. 

For early birds, there is also a fort you can explore during the day and the water sports are always there to have some adventure.

Catch the glorious sunset here while camping, spend the night in trying your hand at a barbeque or some local seafood, while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire with your loved ones. 

For sky lovers, star-gazing, moon rise with enjoying the sounds and silences of the sea is perfect package here. Wake up to sun-kissed seashores and take a walk along the beach to lost in the abundance of nature.

Revdanda Beach Camping Night View
Revdanda Beach Camping Night View

Camping Charges: Rs.1500 per person, Children below 10 years: Rs.1200, Discounts available on groups more than 8 people

Distance from Mumbai: 110 km

Major attractions: Fort, swimming

Best Organizer: Paradise Beach Camping by Getsetcamp(09769204125)

How to reach:

  • By ferry: Ferries are always available for alibaugh and from there you can take bus or train to Revdanda.
  • By train: Pen Railway Station is the nearest one.
  • By air: Nearest airport is Mumbai Airport.


3. Kolad Camping

Kolad camping near mumbai
Kolad Camping Near Mumbai – Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

Have you ever dreamed of spending weekend in jungle between all the trees near riverside? Yes, then Kolad Camping is perfect option for your weekend fun. Kolad is one of the most peaceful camping sites near Mumbai where the main attraction is Kundalika River and River Rafting.

On the banks of the river Kundalika, this camping is a perfect treat for adventure junkies and nature lovers, for thrill and tranquillity near the riverside.

The picturesque campsite at Kolad offers many activities such as water rafting, boating, kayaking and many more during day time just near your campsite.

Kolad Camping Dormitory Rooms
Kolad Camping Dormitory Rooms – 8 People

Campsite Review

The camping is arrange in such a way that, your check in will be done on one side of the river, then by boat they will take you to other side of river which is actually inside a safe jungle, where they arranged all the tents, sports activities, food stall, tree cradle and of course campfire at night with delicious BBQ and Unlimited Dinner (Veg/Nonveg).

Sports activities includes tree climbing, rope climbing, carrom, cards and badminton and you can always carry your own.

For jungle stay they have various options like Dormitories, Tents for groups or couples, Separate rooms, etc.

Check in time is by 4 pm and next day checkout by 11 am.

About Kolad River Rafting

Camping near mumbai
Kolad River Rafting – Photo by Angga Indratama on Unsplash

They offer 12.5 Km River Rafting which has 10 Rapids and is for almost about 2 to 2.5 Hours at morning. You need to get up early by 7 am.

Its a thrilling experience to take part in the Kolad River Rafting activity as you travel down the river with your Guide.

They have professional, trained Rafting Guides with years of experience, so without any worry and with full safety you can have this thrilling experience to take part in the Kolad River Rafting activity

Kolad Camping near mumbai
Kolad Camping – Tent for Group

Packages for Kolad River Rafting

Day Packages:

1) River Rafting – Long Run Rafting 12 km with 8 to 10 Rapids for 2.5 Hours

Rs. 1,000/- per person, Weekdays
Rs. 1,500/- per person, Weekends

2) River Rafting with Kayaking

Rs. 1,100/- per person, Weekdays
Rs. 1,600/- per person, Weekends

3) River Rafting with Lunch (Veg & Non Veg) & Complimentary Cricket, Volleyball

Rs. 1200/- per person, Weekdays
Rs. 1,700/- per person, Weekends

4) River Rafting & Kayaking, River Crossing, Zipline

Rs. 1,300/- per person, Weekdays
Rs. 1,800/- per person, Weekends

Optional: Add Rs 250 per person for Lunch

Call for Bookings/Inquiries:  9987501613 / 9967591613


4. Bhandardara Camping Near Mumbai

Bhandardara lake side camping
Bhandardara Lake Side Camping

A Picturesque Lake site that very less people knows is Bhandardara near Igatpuri, tucked in the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra situated near the calm, blue water lake. Due to its lush greenery, it is a famous spot for many trekkers and campers alike.

One must visit Bhandardara for camping a week prior to monsoon starts in the month of June. The reason behind this is you will get to see millions of Fireflies everywhere at night as this is the mating season for them. Fireflies are blessed with lighting beauty at night time which gives you an eye catching, adorable experience as if the glowing stars have arrived on earth. 

Imagine an entire tree at night lighting in a dark in front of your eyes while you are enjoying your camping with cool breeze of lake, this is the actual beauty of Bhandardara camping.

This camping is for people who are looking for quiet weekend with family without any adventure activities, crowd and rush, just to feel the nature’s beauty. It is the most fantastic place to simply gaze at the night sky and probably the best stargazing experience you will ever have.

Bhandardara camping bonfire
Bhandardara Camping Bonfire

Bhandardara Camping Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Arrival at Bhandardara Camping Site and Campfire

    5 PM- Reach the campsite and enjoy some leisure time by exploring surroundings of campsite.
    6.00 PM to 7 PM- Have your evening snacks.
    7.30 PM to 8.30 PM- Enjoy bonfire with barbeque snacks.
    9 PM to 10 PM- Full your belly with delicious dinner (veg/non-veg).
    10 PM to 11 PM – Perfect time to watch Fireflies during Monsoon festival.
    11 PM – Have a good night sleep in your cozy tents.

  • Day 2 – Check-out and Return Journey

    8 AM- Start your day with unlimited breakfast.
    8.30 AM- Enjoy lake view and Boating with your mates.
    11 AM- Check out and return journey with lifelong memories.

Camping Charges: Starting from Rs.1100 to Rs.1400

Distance from Mumbai: 167 km

Major attractions: Lake, waterfall, temple, trekking

Best Organizer: Lakeside Bhandaradara Camping(09604962524)

Best Time: Start of Monsoon – June

How to reach:

  • By road: You can easily find buses to Igatpuri from Mumbai. Then you can take a taxi or another state-run bus to Bhandardara.
  • By train: Igatpuri Railway Station is the nearest one.
  • By air: At a distance of 90 km, Nashik airport is the nearest.


5. Karnala Camping near Mumbai

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Camping
Karnala Bird Sanctuary Camping – Credits 

If you are a true bird lover, or even if you have ever wished to watch different species of birds, then Karnala Camping is perfect for your weekend adventure located at the base of Karnala Fort. If you are a mumbaikar, you must have heard about Karnala Bird Sanctuary so many times, then why just listen the stories again and again? Get ready this time to explore this camping surrounded by greenery and beautiful sounds of birds.

It is said that, this sanctuary is a home to more than 200 species of birds from which 161 are resident species, 46 are winter migrant species, five species are vagrant, three are breeding migrants and seven species are passage migrants. If you are lucky, you will get to see rare species of birds there, so always be ready with your handy cam to capture those moments.

So start your journey at early morning, try to trek karnala fort which takes almost 2 hours with no difficulties. Have lunch, enjoy the nature. After trekking, once you reach at the bottom you can grab your tents and start your camping with a proper jungle adventure feel all around.

Karnala Camping for Trekkers
Karnala Camping for Trekkers

Itinerary for Karnala Camping

Check In – 4:00pm
Dinner – BBQ dinner will be served by 8 pm and dinner at 9 pm will be wrapped up by 11:00pm
Sleeping Hours – 11:00pm – 7:00am are silent hours at the campground. 

Unlimited Breakfast at 9:00 am it will be served till 11:00 am
Lunch: 1:00pm
Check Out – 11:00am or after lunch 3:00pm depends on package

Entry fee for Bird Sanctuary: Rs.30 for adults and Rs.15 for kids

Distance from Mumbai: 50 km

Major Attractions: Colorful birds cooing and chirping while trek to the famous Karnala Fort

Best Camping Organizers: Letscampout (+91 9819813493) and Big Red Tent (9930582878)

How to reach:

  • By road: Karnala is easily accessible via road. Once you take NH17 from Panvel, take the left after 10 km from Shirdun. There are many state run buses that starts from Mumbai Central to Karnala.
  • By train: Panvel is the nearest railway head to Karnala, 12 km away. You can take ola or your personal vehnicle or board a bus from panvel station to reach Karnala.

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