Best Trekking Places Near Mumbai

Whether you are being trekker or fitness freak, it’s always been a dream for everyone to achieve the peak of beautiful Mountains, Forts and Hills to get that success moment and picturesque landscape view from the top. So here we are sharing Best Trekking Places near Mumbai which are not so far, within 200 kms and you must try these at least once for adventure life long experience.

While climbing and achieving this beautiful mountains, every moment is worthy for your body, mind and heart. 

1. Harishchandragad Trek

Distance from Mumbai – 130 Kms
Difficulty – Moderate

Harishchandragad Trekking Near Mumbai
Harishchandragad Trekking Near Mumbai

Harishchandragad is known as a Trekker’s Paradise. It is a historical hill fort which is located in the Ahmednagar district in western ghats of Maharashtra situated in Malshej Ghat. It is known for the mighty kokankada and it’s famous Ancient Pushkarni Temple, Taramati peak, Kedareshwar cave and the Temple of Harishchandreshwar.

The height of the fort is 1,424 meters and it climbs up to an altitude of 4,670 ft. Taramati peak is the highest peak on Harishchandragad.

Best time to visit

The best time to do Harishchandragad trek is from November to February. Try to come early morning which is the best time to explore fort as you can see mesmerizing play of clouds and sunrise by taking a sip of tea.

Harishchandragad Trekking Near Mumbai
Harishchandragad Trekking – View from Top

How to reach Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad trek has multiple routes and all of them are unique in their own way. 

1. Via Pachnai (Easy): The trail is very short and easy. It is the easiest way to reach Harishchandragad for most of the beginner trekkers. Time required to reach harishchandragad is 2 hours from this route.

2. Via Khireshwar (Moderate): This route goes via Tolar khind. It takes 5-6 hours from base village khireshwar to reach plateau of harishchandragad. Few sections are tricky through this route.

Harishchandragad Trekking Near Mumbai
Trails of Harishchandragad

3. Via Nalichi Vaat (Difficult): This route gives u thrilling adventure. The main trail starts from behind the base village Belpada. This is one of the most difficult climb with multiple rocky patches and technical climbing and these patches become more difficult and slippery in monsoon. Nalichi trail involves a near 80-degree climb. You will need climbing equipment and some professional guidance. It takes 6-8 hours to reach harishchandragad through this route.

4. Via MakadNal (Difficult): This is one of the toughest and challenging route. This trail also starts from the base village Belpada. It takes 8-9 Hours to reach kokankada through this route.


Trekkers and nature lovers prefer spending one night at the fort. They explore the nearby areas in the evening and the next morning and then descend on the second day.

There are no restrictions on camping on the fort. You can rent the tents or carry your own. Renting costs around Rs.500 to Rs.600 per tent. You can also camp near the temple or can stay inside the caves that are on the top of Harishchandragad. Most people prefer camping near Kokankada.

Harishchandragad Trekking and Camping Near Mumbai
Camping at Harishchandragad

If you trek off-season and decide to stay, carry all your essentials with you. You can have local Maharashtrian veg meals and other snacks cooked by villagers on the mountain top. 

Nearby Places to Visit

Harishchandragad Trekking and Camping Near Mumbai
Harishchandreshwar Temple


2. Kothaligad Trek

Distance from Mumbai – 100 Kms
Difficulty – Easy 

Kothaligad Trekking Near Mumbai
Kothaligad Trekking Near Mumbai

If you are a beginner trekker then you must visit this place. This small fort is located near Karjat-Murbad Road in Karjat, Maharashtra. This fort has its own unique beauty of nature and has narrow funnel shape. Once you reach on top, the amazing location of the hill provides a picturesque view of Malanggad, Padargad, Siddhagad, Chanderi fort, Bhimashankar & most famous Matheran plateau in clear weather.

Kothaligad is also called as Kothaligad/Peth cha Killa (in marathi) because the village of Peth is situated at it’s base. Kothaligad is a small fort having height 1,369m and rises to a maximum altitude of 2,033 ft. You can experience mesmerizing scenery while trekking in whole route. You can do one day trek or night trek to kothaligad.

A series of 87 steps carved inside the funnel starting from the base of the fort that brings you to the peak of this fort. On the top of the fort one small temple is situated inside the rocky cave. This fort has many small caves and natural water tanks. The view from the top of the fort is enthralling. 

Best time to visit

Kothaligad Trekking Near Mumbai
Kothaligad Peth Fort Trekking

Best time to do this trek is in Monsoon, as you can experience small waterfalls and Bhimashankar mountain range from the top. Kothaligad trail is rocky, narrow and usually covered with trickling water during the monsoon which provides a good scenery, the views from this trail, especially during the monsoons are awe-inspiring. For one day trek, you must try to come between March to October and for night trek and stay most preferable time is October to May.

How to reach Kothaligad

Base villege for kothaligad is Ambivali. Distance between Ambivali and Karjat station is around 21kms. And time required to climb to the peth fort is 2 hrs from the base village. It is located less than 100 kms from both Mumbai and Pune and greatly connected by road and railways.

Kothaligad Trekking Near Mumbai
Kothaligad Trekking Near Mumbai

Things to watch during this trek

The mesmerizing thumb-like structure of the fort.
Well preserved cannons from the fort’s heydays
A panoramic view of the surrounding ranges of different forts.
Intricately carved pillars in the cave temple.

Kothaligad Fort Architecture
Kothaligad Caves Architecture

Nearby places

  • Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga
  • Solanpada dam
  • Dhak bahiri caves


3. Yeoor Hills

Distance from Mumbai – 20 Kms
Difficulty – Easy 

Yeoor Hills Trekking Near Thane
Yeoor Hills Trekking Near Thane

You must have heard about Sanjay Gandhi National Park located in Borivali, very well known for its stunning range of flora and fauna. At the backend and outskirts of this national park Yeoor Hills is located with it’s beautiful lush greenery. All the Thane and Mumbai people are blessed with this eye catching place due to being on very short distance of almost around 20-25 km from mumbai and 10 km from thane.

The major attraction of this place for trekking is that, due to it is attached to National Park you will find rare and amazing species of birds and animals while trek. It also has small water parts and puddles due to which most of the beautiful birds like kingfishers, flycatchers comes here as well as you will found colourful varieties of butterflies that will soothe someone’s heart.

If you come by entrance from Tikujini wadi side, you will found a new butterfly garden which is opened in Yeoor Hill beside the lake. 

Best time to visit

Yeoor Hills Trekking Near Thane
Mornings at Yeoor Hills

Moring 7 am is the best time to start this easy but mesmerizing trek with your squad or trekking group. Monsoon is always a best time to capture lush greenery.

Ideally try to enter the forest gate of yeoor hills before 7 am if you really wants to capture the pleasant climate and sunrise.

How to reach Yeoor Hills

For this trek near Thane city, head towards Tikujiniwadi near Manpada which lies near Hill Garden, 5 – 10 mins from Pawar Nagar. Once you reach there, check for a forest gate at the end of the Tiku ji niwadi road adjacent to Kalpataru hills complex.

Trekking places near mumbai
Yeoor Hills Map

Forest entry fee is Rs. 60 for adults and Rs.30 for kids. There is man made waling trail which you can take to climb the hill. For a regular experienced trekker it will take 30 minutes to reach the top but for others it can take more time.

Upvan Lake is also a landmark at the start of Yeoor Hills to enter the Yeoor part of hills in thane, lies near Pokhran Road on the way to Pawar Nagar.

From Thane Station it is 30 to 40 mins ride in a bus.

  1. Patonpada’ bus is available from thane station which will take you straight up via upvan lake side and it is the last village at the top of Yeoor hills.
  2. One can take Pawar Nagar Bus and reach at Gandhi Nagar stop and walk down or take auto rickshaw to Yeoor Hill.
  3. If you are coming from Mulund, take 110 number bus, it will take you straight to the gates of Yeoor.
  4. Also there is Upvan Bus number 10 available from Thane Station till Upvan Lake.
  5. There is also a direct bus available (bus no. 16) of Yeoor with less frequency from Thane station.
Yeoor Hills Trekking Near Thane
Yeoor Hills Trails Near Thane

Things to watch during this trek

Rare species of birds, animals and butterflies.
Butterfly garden at entrance.
Small huts of local residents.

Upvan Lake Near Yeoor Hills
Upvan Lake Near Yeoor Hills

Nearby places

  • Sanjay gandhi national park.
  • Tikuji ni wadi park.
  • Thane city.
  • Farmhouses in Yeoor Hills


4. Rajmachi Fort Trek

Distance from Mumbai – 85 Kms
Difficulty – Moderate

Rajmachi Trekking Near Mumbai
Rajmachi Trekking Near Mumbai

One of the many historical forts in the rugged hills of Sahyadri mountains range is none other than Rajmachi Fort located in Lonavla. It is blessed with two twin fortresses Shriwardhan and Manaranjan along with a wide plateau known as Machi surrounding the two Balekillas. You can see the beautiful Kataldhar waterfall from Shrivardhan Fort. The structure of this fort looks like a watch tower and shows the glimpses of past ruling time.

To trek this fort you need to reach at the base village Udhewadi, where you can also camp for night trek during summer and winters. From this base village you will start climbing the trails of Rajmachi towards Manaranjan fort which is at 2510 feet west-facing fort and the Shriwardhan fort at 2710 feet faces to the east.

Rajmachi Fort Trekking Near Mumbai
Rajmachi Fort Kondhane Caves

Rajmachi fort also has many caves which trekkers mostly use during night stay. During your Mumbai Pune Expressway journey, if you see on the right-hand side of Borghat, this popular spot near Khandala is visible which is known as Rajmachi View Point. One can also come from Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort, which is a 16 km trekking distance.

While Rajmachi Trek, you can visit nearby famous places such as Tungarli and Valvan Lake, Ryewood Park, Tiger’s Leap and a beautiful Kune Waterfall.

Rajmachi Trekking Near Mumbai
Shriwardhan and Manaranjan Twin Fortresses

Best time to visit

Summer season: March to May is the perfect summer season on the fort when the temperature ranges between 25- 35 degrees Celsius. Quite pleasant, but keep your body hydrated all the time while trekking.

Monsoon: Monsoon sets in Rajmachi in June and continues through September. Temperature ranges between 22- 28 degrees Celsius. If you come early morning in monsoon and achieve the peak of rajmachi as early as possible, you will get to see the entire landscape of rajmachi is covered under a blanket of lush greenery and clouds. 

Rajmachi Fort Trekking Near Mumbai
Monsoon Days on Rajmachi Fort

How to reach Rajmachi Fort

There are two ways to approach this fort trek, first one is from Lonavala and the other one is from Kondivde or Kondhane village in Karjat Taluka of Raigad District.

The trek starts from Udhewadi which is the base village or the start point and almost about 100 km away from Mumbai. 

For Lonavla Route: From Mumbai head towards Panvel. From Panvel take the Mumbai-Pune highway and continue on the highway until you reach Khandala. From Khandala, you have about an hour’s drive which is about 15-20 km to reach the base village of Udhewadi. 

For Karjat route: Reach Karjat by Local Train and then take a cab or a six seater local vehicle and reach Kondivade Village and from there start you trek.

Rajmachi Fort Trekking Near Mumbai
Rajmachi Trekking Waterfall

Things to do around Rajmachi Fort

Pawna Lake Camping Night Stay
Explore Bhaja and Karla Caves
Paragliding and Camping in Kamshet

Kondhane Caves Near Rajmachi
Kondhane Caves Near Rajmachi in Monsoon

Nearby places to visit

  • Udaysagar Lake which was constructed in 1712.
  • Temple of Mahadev by the side of Udaysagar Lake.
  • Temple of Bahiroba on the plateau near Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.
  • Rajmachi trek Fireflies before starting the monsoon season around May and June.
  • Kataldhar waterfall and Shirota Lake views from Shirvardhan Fort.


5. Kalsubai Peak Trekking

Distance from Mumbai – 165 Kms
Difficulty – Moderate

Kalsubai Trekking Peak View
Kalsubai Trekking Peak View

The most famous and avid trekker’s attraction cum dream is the highest peak of Maharashtra which is none other than Kalsubai Peak, one of the mountains in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Kalsubai Peak summit is situated at height of 1,646 metres (5,400 ft). Kalsubai Mountain lies in the Sahyadri mountain range which comes within the Wildlife Sanctuary known as Kalsubai Harishchandragad.

It’s been an attraction throughout the year by avid trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts and devotees of Kalsubai temple which is at the summit of the peak. To make the achievement record of summiting this highest peak destination, kalsubai has became one of the most adventurous attraction of tourists and trekkers.

Kalsubai Trek and Camping
Kalsubai Trek Camping

Kalsubai Trek is blessed with an eye catching combination of natural environments like waterfalls, green forests, grasslands, and historic ancient forts. This highest summit will test your patience but once you achieve the peak it gives an amazing panoramic view of several more mountain ranges from it’s top like Madangad, Alang, Kulang, Ratangad and to the south side Ghanchakkar, Pabhargad & Harishchandragad.

Kalsubai Trekking Near Mumbai
View of Forts and Mountains from Kalsubai

Best time to visit

July to September is the monsoon peak season here when you get to see the beautiful lush green landscapes and experience trekking in clouds with heavy rain. Although during the monsoon season crowd is very huge with almost 2000-3000 people on the trail to explore the adventure. If you are not a experienced trekker try to avoid this season as most of the parts gets very slippery and risky due to the slushy trail.

Kalsubai Peak Trekking Near Mumbai
Evenings at Kalsubai Peak

For the clear views of the surrounding peaks and forts, come between the autumn months September to October which are the flowering seasons. During these months, you can experience a huge variety of flowers same as Kaas Plateau surrounded by grasslands. Snake lovers get to see some rare species on the iron ladders.

For night trekkers best months are November to April when the weather is completely suitable for these trails and you will get perfect sunrise time lapse from the summit.

May and June are the pre monsoon months, best to watch lighting Fireflies.

How to Reach Kalsubai

Kalsubai Peak Trek Route Map
Kalsubai Peak Trek Route Map

It is located at a distance of 12 km from Bhandardara where you can also stay for camping, 165 km away from Mumbai & 174 km from Pune.

To start this trek you need to reach the base village baari, for which one has to travel to Igatpuri on the Mumbai Nashik route.

From Mumbai, the Kalsubai trek distance is 165 km and takes almost 3 hours to reach the destination. You can take a train from Mumbai and reach Kasara which takes about 2 and half hours. From Kasara railway station, you can take local transport to base bari village which will charge you around Rs.30.

Kalsubai Temple at Peak
Kalsubai Temple at Peak

Places to visit near Kalsubai Peak

  • Bhandardardara Lake and Camping
  • Alang-Madan-Kulang
  • Umbrella Falls
  • Ratangad Fort
  • Amruteshwar Temple
  • Sandhan Valley

– Harihar Fort –

– Mahuli Fort –

– Prabalgad and Kalavantin Durg –

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