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Better to see something once, than to hear about it a Thousand Times.

How to encourage your travel desires?

10 Tips to Encourage Your Travel Desires and Enjoy Your Travel Memories

It has been said that ‘Great Things Always Takes Time.’ Your travel desire is one of those things. If it is taking time, use that time to energize yourself to start a new journey once again post lockdown, this time with all the awareness of your destinations. With some patience and positivity try to follow the below steps, and definitely post lockdown you are going to explore this nature with full of enthusiasm.

Top 10 Best Places For Mangoes In India – 2021

Top 10 Mango Varieties and Their Origins - 2021

If you are a Super Mango Lover then this blog is for you. Here I am sharing the Top 10 Best Places and Varieties of Mangoes in India. As we all know Summer is rising the temperature extremely hot day by day. We often feel extremely thirsty and the heat kills our appetite. But with this season full of heat, we all know that there’s a King of Fruit is on the way to our house and that is Mango! A most awaited, lip-smacking fruit of India and its exquisite varieties are ready now to fulfill your temptations for this fruit.

Best Places for One Day Trip Near Mumbai – 2021

Top 10 Hidden Places For One Day Trip Near Mumbai - 2021

In this Hustle Bustle life of Mumbai, everyday we all struggle to complete our work and achieve our goals. But there comes a point every week, every month when you need to appreciate yourself and your life by giving a treat of Weekend Trip to yourself in between the beauty of god gifted Nature. In this blog, I am sharing the Best Places for One Day Trip Near Mumbai that you must consider in your 2021 Unlock Journey.

3 Famous Temples to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

Old Mahabaleshwar - A Place of Beautiful Temples

During your Mahabaleshwar trip, you must visit Old Mahabaleshwar which is a Historical Place and a Holy Village of Mahabaleshwar, Satara district of Maharashtra. 3 Famous Temples to Visit in Mahabaleshwar are found in this Holy and Sacred Place and those are Panchganga Temple, Mahabaleshwar Temple and Krishna Temple. In this Blog, you can read the Attraction and Story behind these Temples and why you must visit these?

Everything About Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar - A Cold Hill Station of Maharashtra

If you are searching for one of the best cold places in Maharashtra to visit this summer, then Mahabaleshwar always comes to the top of everyone’s holiday destination places. As I have visited this place for a week, in this blog, I am sharing everything about Mahabaleshwar that you must be known before making this place final for your next journey.

Everything about Global Vipassana Pagoda – Travel Blog 2021

Global Vipassana Pagoda - Largest Such Meditation Hall In The World

Recently I have visited this beautiful Meditation Centre located near Gorai in Mumbai which is one of the best one-day trip relaxing location known as Global Vipassana Pagoda. In this blog, I am sharing everything about Global Vipassana Pagoda that you must be known before giving a visit to this place.

Best temples to visit on mahashivratri near Mumbai – 2021

Shiva Temples that You Must Visit on this Holy Festival of Mahashivratri, 2021

Among the 12 Shivratri celebrated in a year, Mahashivratri is one of the biggest auspicious Hindu festivals celebrated annually in honor of the God Shiva. As we all know this year Maha Shivaratri 2021 festival falls on 11th March, Thursday. So here, I am sharing the Best Temples to Visit on Mahashivratri near Mumbai.

Top 7 Best coffee shops in mumbai 

Top 7 Coffee Places in Mumbai to Enjoy your Fresh Brewed Coffee

From the daily busy hectic life and getting tired after so much work, you must be looking for that heartwarming sip of Cappuccino and strong aroma of Espresso with your Loved ones. In this blog, I am sharing the Best Coffee Shops in Mumbai where you can have your favorite Coffee Flavour.

Safe places to visit during covid in india

Top 7 Safe Places for Your Unlock Journey - 2021

In this huge pandemic after staying in our homes for so long, everyone is now looking for a good outdoor trips to witness nature once again and enjoy stress-free soothing life. So here are 7 Safe Places to Visit During Covid in India that have lifted all regulations regarding institutional quarantine as the country is gradually unlocking in phases.

Best trekking places near mumbai

Climb and Achieve These Beautiful Peaks

Whether you are being trekker or fitness freak, it's always been a dream for everyone to achieve the peak of beautiful Mountains, Forts and Hills to get that success moment and picturesque landscape view from the top. So here we are sharing Best Trekking Places near Mumbai within 200 KMs and you must try these at least once for Adventure Life Long Experience.

Necessary things for camping you need to know

Essential Camping Gears and Guide for Campers

So you are going for a Camping? Here we are sharing our Experience and Necessary things for Camping that you must be known to enjoy the camper's life for a day or two. Also answering some of the major concerns related to camping essentials. So must read it before you go, as awareness is always better for any new place to visit.

Top 10 Camping Sites Near Mumbai

Camping Locations Near Mumbai - Itinerary and Details

We all want some rest at weekend from this hustle bustle life of Mumbai or any other city and looking for a perfect weekend where we can spend some time with our loved ones in this amazing nature. Here are some perfect suggestions for Camping near Mumbai, definitely worth for your weekend stay.

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“Never tell how much educated you are, tell how much you have traveled and explored this beautiful world.”

Story of Hampi - Ancient village

Everything about Hampi - Ancient Village in Karnataka, India

Here we are sharing our Experience and Everything about Hampi that You Must be Known to feel the Beauty of this eye catching place in India and before giving a visit there you must read it once.

5 Must Visit Hampi Temples - Karnataka, India

Based on our personal experience, Here we are sharing 5 must visit Hampi Temples in Karnataka, India. The presence of several ancient temples in Hampi making it a holy site and one of the spiritual location of South India.

Everything about konkan coast – Read before you visit

Konkan Coast - An Eye Catching Slice of Paradise

Here we are sharing our Experience and Everything about Konkan Coast that you must be known which will answer most of your questions before your Konkan Coast trip.

Our Recent Journey

Day 1 - Mumbai to Ganpatipule

Sharing the best experience of our coastal ride journey and itinerary in short story to help you out in reaching your destination more easily.

Day 2 - Ganpatipule to Tarkarli

Waking up with wonderful view and spotting a bird with orange breast, blue plumage with daggerlike bills was none other than the kingfisher and this made a good start of our day!

Day 3 - Story of Exploring Devbaugh and Tarkarli in Konkan

Well the soul of Konkan which is none other than Tarkarli-Devbaugh is all about tall Coconut Trees, beautiful Temples, amazing Beaches and Konkani Nonveg Food. Sharing our complete day here with you, how we spent it well in between the beauty of this god gifted nature.

Day 4 - Lost in Konkan - Ride for Bhogawe Beach and Malvan

So here we are sharing the story of how our soul and mind got lost in Beauty of this Konkan, by exploring more and more new places which includes Bhogwe Beach, Sindhudurga towards Malvan, Oros and even those off-roads where our bikes were not able to go and at the end we actually lost our way somewhere.